Recap of Friday Night Lights – Season 3 Episode 7

J.D. McCoy doesn’t have a charmed life and the last episode of Friday Night Lights make that evident as he fights to fit in with his fellow Panthers. J.D’s father is averse to football and makes socializing an impossible thing. J.D. learns to have roaring good times from Tim in Dillon while Matt and Julie spend an entire night on the beach. Landry meets an elfish guitarist (Devon) while Tyra is expected to give Cash some advice on killing and hiding bodies. But the coming episode shall show Landry learning something surprising about Devon and Jason making major decisions about his future.

The episode shows Tami and Eric being invited by the McCoys for dinner. Coach is a little uncomfortable around Joe for he must not treat his son the way he does. Post-dinner conversations centers around Eric and Mr. McCoy and the ruckus he created at the church and Joe apologizes, despite his firm beliefs that his methods are going to keep things right with J.D.

Tim’s recruitment letters are arriving from various colleges throwing Billy into more quandaries, for he knows his brother isn’t fit for college. Jason; however, insists on throwing together Tim’s best games’ highlights. That he wants to sell the house is revealed after Jason meets his roommates.

Tami meets the parents Jamarcus, a kid starting as the fullback for Panthers, who are shocked to learn so, primarily because he forged his parents’ signatures on the permission slip. They want to pull him off and that disappoints Eric.

Devon’s efforts to help Landry forget Tyra gets rewarded with a kiss and both of then agree that it’s a great idea to be just friends.

As Friday Night Lights draws towards an end, Jason’s question on whether he can become a good sports agent is answered by Lyla on the positive. This lays the storyline for the next episode and more manly tears are predicted

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