Randy Gage Millionaire Mentor Expert Review

These days Randy Gage is a well publicized speaker and has been a Personal Success Coach and has an emphasis on helping people achieve their financial goals through his Worldwide Presentations. Big Companies pay him for his advice and usually have him as a guest. He also speaks for quite a few Network Marketing Companies as well. Randy’s goal is to make everyone wealthy that he trains, and strongly believes that it’s a sin to be broke.

Randy Gage used to be a dishwasher at a Hash House before he became a Multi-Millionaire so he knows what it’s like to be borderline broke, shift less and penniless. He never forgot where he came from and uses this philosophy to train people and to help them bring out the best in them. The way I look at it is we all have potential to become unstoppable wealth machines, but most of us need someone to motivate us to remind us what potential we have. Even the smartest people in the world only use 8 percent of their brain.

He also passes on his personal experiences in direct selling as he’s done his time in the trenches. One of his methodologies is to convince others to make lemonade out of lemons, to transform obstacles into opportunity. I know I’ve personally struggled with this for years. Once I started using obstacles to climb to the next level, my finances and my attitude overall made significant improvements.

Randy Gage’s ideologies and philosophies he passes onto Businesses and Network Marketing Companies teach you how to excel not only in Business Endeavors but Personal Endeavors as well. His nickname is “The Millionaire Messiah” and his reason for this is he says if you’re rich you should expect that and that this is owed to you. However if you’re poor that’s a sin in and of itself and you need to correct it ASAP with his help.

Randy Gage has been on the front of Network Marketing News & Training magazine on the cover. I’ve also saw a link at his website that mentioned him on the Teena Jones Radio Show. He believes that negative programming will hinder your potential to become profitable. He says if you don’t monitor what you watch read and listen to, you’ll find yourself deep in debt as well as unhealthy relationships and not living the life of your dreams.

Finally Randy Gage has a lot of contradictory ideas. He believes that it’s not in our Governments best interest to have an abundance of successful people. He also believes that churches want people to be poor, because poor people will be in church more consistently than someone that’s wealthy. In his new book series Prosperity Mind as well as the Self Improvement Seminars he runs, he shows you how to overcome this inherent negative programming. He challenges peoples faiths on prosperity and what it takes to become rich. He also believes the Media pitches a doomsday theory, which I agree with, I’ve known this for years.

Oct 31st, 2016 | Posted in Internet Marketing
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