Race Specific Magazines

With so much going on in the world of fashion, trends being set and a large number of women wanting information about how to look their best and be confident, a number of race specific magazines have come into play. Gone are the days of reviewing only certain types of products – Strong, confident women of all races want to know what will look best on them from clothing to makeup. And so begins a new trend in the world of the fashion magazine – those that now cater to specific products that African American women want to know about from apparel to skin care.

Especially with the historic event of the Obamas now in the White House, a new day is dawning and women of all races want to look and feel their very best. Knowing specifically what looks best for different skin tones is a fact that all women, nothing race driven, are looking for.

And just as African American women have picked up countless magazines not geared towards them in the past, other races pick up a copy of the more race specific African American magazines now as well. These women are becoming the trend setters with vibrant and young fashions and the world is recognizing that it doesn’t matter what we look like, but who we are inside and how we feel towards mankind.

From magazines to books, to clothing and home accessories, women of all races and backgrounds now come together in the wide world of fashion, health and beauty. They exchange tips, offer advice and have become more tolerant of the differences that make our nation so unique and wonderful. Thank goodness for change.

Oct 18th, 2015 | Posted in Art
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