Quality Musical Instruments Really Make a Difference

All too often we have parents come in with a substandard instrument for their students. When questioned… they respond “oh, its just a starter instrument, and we’ll get something better for them later”. Oh, this can cause lots of problems! We usually see students quit playing when started on an inferior instrument.

When a student has to fight with a musical instrument that does not play well… they all to often believe that THEY are the problem. After all, mom and dad just bought this shiny new instrument from Wal-shop… IT couldn’t be the problem.

Sub-standard instruments go out of adjustment very quickly, they often cannot make all of the notes in the instrument’s scale and are often in the shop. Instruments that are made cheaply are often of a thinner metal that does not wear well. Additionally, string instruments can have a multitude of problems from crooked necks, inferior strings, fittings and warped bows. We see many Chinese guitars with necks so out of adjustment that they are un-playable. Some of these defects can be fixed… but sometimes the fix is more expensive than the instrument was purchased for.

It is better to rent an instrument of quality than to buy the “eBayer’s surprise”. Most brand name instruments will allow your student to learn at their pace rather than fight the horn.

When a parent invests in a quality instrument (to rent or to buy), they are insuring that they give their student the best possible chance for success.

In these uncertain times, don’t scrimp on your students!

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