Procrastinatoritis and Self-Esteem Dropsy

Have you noticed how some days seem to crawl by?

…perhaps those are the days you initially planned to spend your time writing content to put on your Web site. Or writing an article or a blog post!

But you’ve been hampered by the “procrastinator” gremlins!

First you pull up a new, empty Word document. You adjust your chair. Then you sit.

And sit and sit and stare.

Nothing happens.

Where is your coffee?

What’s wrong with your computer? Or worse, what’s wrong with you?

It could be because you’re expecting too much. You’re trying too hard!

But wait!

The cat runs by so maybe you’d better go see what he’s up to. Next, you remember you didn’t roll the car windows up and it’s begun to rain. You’d better go tend to that because nothing is worse than a wet seat on your seat when you’re on your way to the mall. Where you have to go as soon as you get this article written!

The kids are hollering, but it’s not bloody murder so they can wait a bit…but not too long.

Okay! So what’s really going on here?

It seems you may have a tad bit of procrastinator-itis thrown in with just a touch of self-esteem dropsy!

But that’s not really that bad! And you can be cured. Although it may take some doing, and a little rethinking.

For instance, find a quiet room with no distractions. Well, try! Ditch the radio, the TV and the Ipod for a couple of hours. Send the kids out of earshot-waaaay out of earshot-and make a few notes; notes about your reasons for why you really want to do this.

Left-side includes all the things keeping you from beginning.

Have you got an outline? And have you done your research? Better yet, are you secure with your topic? After all, it is a bit awkward trying to write about something if your heart’s not in it.

Right-side lists what you want to accomplish with your content, and why.

You can see it in your mind’s eye; everyone’s lining up at your door right now and little money signs dance in the air. Okay, that might be a bit much. But you do know that once you get your articles and products in front of your readers, you’ll have a better chance to network and to draw them to you and your products or services.

Add to your list somewhere all the great comments and encouragement from your visitors, your clients, your friends and colleagues.

Look at the words on the screen now. Is there a pattern you see?

Maybe you’re trying to write and to be creative in a cold room or at the wrong time of day. If you’re “shivvvvering” or half asleep and void of your usual perkiness, chances are your concentration is far more centered on those things than on trying to figure out a new way to write a speech or to put together a PowerPoint.

Many times the very things that “keep us from doing” are the very things that keep us motivated. Figure those out for the day and you’ll be able to break through that barrier of stuckness.

Consider that besides all the other roadblocks you’ve put up, you may be trying too hard.

Take some time to just go with the flow and before long you’ll be back to your usual, usual!

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