Power Your Golf Swing With a Weighted Training Golf Club

Utilizing a golf training club is one of the best ways to increase golf swing speed and power. You can not get another golf training device that targets the exact muscles you use on the golf course in the same fashion they are actually used to swing your golf club. There are numerous golf training devices in the marketplace to choose from as well as countless books and DVD’s, with new products being introduced all the time. However, I am referring to a weighted training golf club.

With a weighted training golf club you will be able to train your targeted golf muscles whenever and wherever you have the room for a full golf swing. The problem with traditional strength training is that you have to find exercises that resemble your golf swing in order to target your golf muscles. But, with a weighted training golf club you can target the exact golf muscles you need to target, naturally during your golf swing.

The immediate affect on a golf player using a weighted training golf club is noticeable results within a very short amount of time. The quick results are due to the fact that you are training the same muscles you use during your golf swing. Training your muscles in this way creates muscle memory. Muscle memory will allow you to make your golf swing without the need to concentrate on every little movement since your muscles already know the way. It is almost like a man and his remote control. He can sit on the couch and channel surf, adjust the volume, fast forward, pause, and anything else without ever having to look at the remote. Is it because he has memorized where the buttons are? Yes, in part. The other part is that he has trained his muscle’s memory to move his thumb just the right distance and in just the right direction in order to hit the button square on. This is the same thing as training your golf muscles to repeat the exact movements needed for that perfect golf swing. Once they are trained you can start concentrating on the minor adjustments in your grip, posture, stance, etc. so that you can further perfect your golf swing.

Another benefit to using a weighted training golf club is an increase in flexibility and power. As you swing the weighted club your backswing and follow through will both be increased due to the extra weight and because of this your flexibility will increase, thus helping you create more energy during your swing which translates to increased power at ball impact.

Using a weighted training golf club won’t be the answer to all your problems but it will help you see quick improvements in your golf swing, and the improvements will continue to come as long as you maintain your training practice. As well as training in your back yard or in the park you can use the patented Medicus weighted training golf club on the links not only to use as a warm up and to loosen your muscles before the round but it is a hittable club that has been approved by the USGA as a regulation golf club.

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