Pop – New Artist Review – There’s a New Pop Artist You Need to Know About

There’s a new Pop artist on the scene, and the world of popular music is loving him! His name is Jd Webb and his single Big for Me is racing up the charts as more and more people hear it and fall in love with it – and, in turn, with the artist that penned it.

Now, pop music is no stranger to catchy, feel good upbeat tunes nor to poignant slow ballads. Those are a dime a dozen in that genre, and most are largely forgotten even before the final note has faded away. But the main difference between mainstream pop music and artists and Webb and his music is that Jd Webb writes songs that are both catchy and thought provoking, both feel good and deep simultaneously – and not only that, but he has the vocal presence and personal charisma to carry them off in major way!

When I initially listened to his first single “Big for Me” I was surprised at the clever turns of phrase and the way that the lyrics work together to paint a true story. I’m not a huge fan of the largely formulaic Pop genre, so my expectations were of canned rhymes and endless weather metaphors (think “rain” as a metaphor – and a rhyme – for “pain” if you’re not sure what I mean). However, this was far from what the single delivered. There’s even a quote from Shakespeare thrown in for good measure! This is not your 9 year old cousin’s Cheetah Girls single. This is Pop that appeals to both the intelligent grown up and the fun loving kid in all of us.

Webb grew up in a musical family, performing his first concert at the age of three and spending every summer of his childhood traveling in a singing group with his mother, sister, and aunts. Perhaps it was that early exposure, not only to the artistry and musicality inherent in such an experience, but also to spending such a large amount of time with a group comprised mostly of ladies, that gave Webb the profound sensitivity and insight into relationships and experiences that shine through so vividly in his songs.

Jd Webb is a relatively new figure in the world of solo Pop artists, but he is certain to quickly become a fixture in that realm, if not one of its icons.

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