Personal Product Review of Xocai Healthy Chocolates

Xocai, the Healthy chocolate, has an assortment of chocolate products that are all filled with antioxidants and pure unprocessed cacao. My family and I have been eating these products for the last 4 months and I thought I would put out our review on what we’ve tried. The first thing I want to be sure and say is that this chocolate is GOOD! We have four boys, ages 11, 9, 3 and 1 and they all love the chocolate and eat it everyday. They each have their favorite kind, but all of them think it’s amazingly cool that we insist they have their chocolate each and every day. The health benefits we have seen are really good, but we will get into more of that in our next article. For now, I would just like to give you an overview of the products.

Nuggets – These are the closest thing to milk chocolate tasting. They are also the creamiest product and melt quite wonderfully in your mouth. I would say these taste better than the Dove chocolate nuggets we usually eat, but are full of raw, unprocessed cacao and thus extremely healthy. These are the favorite of my wife and 3 of my sons.

X Power Squares – These are flat squares of chocolate that are smaller than the nuggets. They have a definite dark chocolate flavor which translates to a slightly bitter taste. I didn’t think my kids would like it, but they all do. My youngest, who is 20 months old, will point at it and say “chocate please daddy”.

Omega Squares – These are a perfect combination of orange and chocolate. They are dark chocolate, that contains orange and Acai Berry. These are my personal favorite, but I really enjoy the flavor of oranges. If you like the flavor of oranges, this chocolate will definitely not disappoint. Another reason I prefer it over the other products is its natural anti-inflammatory properties. As an athlete, I often experience sore muscles and joints following strenuous activities. Rather than taking so much ibuprofen, I have consistently eaten 3 Omega Squares a day and I can feel the difference.

X Powerhouse cookies – My second son’s favorite. He’s always asking for one of the cookies and I don’t mind giving him one. I know that when he eats just one of these cookies, he is getting his entire days worth of recommended daily allowance of Antioxidants. I can’t say that about other cookies he eats.

Protein bars – Tastes like a protein chocolate bar. And yes that can be a bad thing for those who don’t like protein bars (my wife). It’s a bit cakey and not something you’d have if you were just looking for a chocolate fix. But if you want a protein bar, it’s on the upper end for taste and packs a whole lot of health benefits in this one bar.

Sipping Chocolate & Activ – These two products are in drink form and we have not tried them yet. We will be sure to write up a review on flavor once we have.

All in all we love the taste of this chocolate and can’t believe they are actually so very healthy for us. But even more than the taste, we love that we are now filling our bodies with powerful antioxidants that are having such positive results in our lives. Another article on that will be coming. Healthy chocolate….there really is such a thing!

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