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Are you one of the many people who enjoy drinking red wine but find that you get headaches after drinking it? You don’t get them after drinking white wine but those reds really seem to bring the ache on. Have you like others blamed it on sulfite? If you have, consider that the majority of wines, both red and white, contain sulfite. Sulfites (usually the potassium metabisulfite form) are found in many grocery foods as it is a common preservative that inhibits bacteria growth.

So, it’s probably not this common food preservative that is causing those headaches. What else Read more

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Festivals of Kolkata

Kolkata is a city with a laid back charm. This city is a part of Malwa Plateau. It is also known as the city of lakes. This has been possible because many of its rulers had build dams or pals that were developed as a lake. As years passed, the city developed and became more modern.

Kolkala was able to preserve its most valued traditions despite all the process of modernization. There are at least 15 festivals being celebrated yearly. These are called the Pandals which is actually a luxurious bamboo edifice. It is a staple of all the Kolkata’s Hindu Festivals. For Kolkata, Read more

Rethinking Divorce

Divorce may not be the option you want to take but if it’s the journey you’re on, how you perceive the process will determine your level of peace and joy before, during, and afterwards. This is a rebuilding of your life. It is a demolition followed by a foundation laying concluding with a brand new building construction. Throughout the process, there are growing pains, unforeseen delays and stumbling blocks that will make the end result that much better.

You are not a piece of shattered glass. You are clay being molded into a brand new sculpture and, no matter what Read more

2009 March Madness – North Carolina Wins 5th National Title As Upstart Michigan State Falters

Coach Roy Williams’ North Carolina Tar Heels started their season ranked #1 and ended their season #1 with their 5th National Championship as North Carolina easily beat #2-seeded Michigan State 89-72 in the only game that counted-the match to determine the nation’s best team for the 2008-2009 season.

A potential 4 NBA draft picks at North Carolina-Ty Lawson, Tyler Hansbrough, Wayne Ellington and Danny Green-stayed on for another year rather than entering the draft last year. There was some unfinished business as the Tar Heels lost to Kansas 84-66 in one of last Read more

How to Be Great at Sex – Stop! An Erotic Guide For Any Man Who Needs to Instantly Be Great in Bed

Who else wants to learn how to be great at sex? If you are anything like most of the men reading this right now, the simple truth is that you want to learn every trick in the book, right? It’s true…and most of men who read our articles and comment on our content reveal that being great in bed is just about the most important skill they want, yet so few of you ever reach the true pinnacle of sexual success.

So what makes a man great in bed? There are actually about 7 or 8 different things that define a great lover that drives women wild, and we’re going to cover a Read more

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Control Your Woman’s Brain With These Spasm Inducing Dark Sex Secrets

Few men know truly amazing sex secrets. Most everyone knows the basic G-spot tricks, the clitoral moves, and that foreplay really does make a difference. But few men belong to the brotherhood of the darkest sex moves.

The one concept that will put you in total control of sex

A lot of men know that the G-spot is an area of the female anatomy that is capable of producing some pretty amazing orgasms. But, most men stop at about 1 or 2 climaxes. Very few guys know what happens past this number. Those who venture past the average understand just how powerful the Grafenberg area can Read more

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Discover World of Warcraft Tips You Can Use to Catapult Your Gameplay

There is a wealth of World of Warcraft tips available online. They cover everything from setting up your game, installing extensions and mods and finding a quality leveling guide to choosing your style of play. Here are seven World of Warcraft tips that will help you get started playing the right way.

1. Read your quest journal. One mistake many players make that can hinder their game is asking directions in the chat channels instead of reading the journal. Frequently using chat can bring insults. It also can make it more difficult to find a group that will explore with you later. If Read more

How to Take Control of Dreams

There are many things that one can do before turning in for the night and one thing that is important to learn is how to take control of dreams and one of the easy ways to help induce a pleasant dream at night is to keep a small notebook at your bedside table. Each night before going to bed, jot down an example or ideas of what you would like to dream about that night. Sound strange? Not really! By jotting down these thoughts onto paper will help your brain internalize these thoughts and place them in your subconscious mind.

Once you are relaxed and in bed let you mind reflect on Read more

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The Quiet Voice Speaks Loudly – When You Listen

Have you ever wondered how important that little voice inside is? The one that seems to give great guidance and insights… when we listen.

Sure, there is the voice that tells us things are terrible. The one that creates doubt, fear, indecision and uncertainty. It seems lots of people are choosing to listen to this voice. I call it the ugly voice.

The voice I am referring to is the quiet voice. The one when we listen to gives us the insights we absolutely benefit from. It is often so quiet we don’t hear. That is until we get very still, very quiet Read more

Support Wristbands

Many online stores sell Hurricane Katrina Support Bracelets so that they can raise money, support and create awareness for hurricane Katrina Victims. Message like “Hope, Faith, Courage and Strength” can be imprinted on it. This type of wristband is available in blue, blue and white and white colors. Many organizations sell tsunami support wristbands to raise funds for tsunami victims. Many online stores sell this type of wristband at wholesale prices so that they can raise funds for Tsunami Relief causes. Online stores have helped many organizations raise thousands of dollars Read more