Organic Salads – A Great Change in Your Menu

In today’s work environment, you generally tend to eat something or the other from outside, which is easily available for lunch. A fast food joint soon becomes your favorite eating joint and you depend on it for catering to your food requirements almost everyday. Unfortunately, we end up picking up food, which is less nutritious as compared to the food cooked at home that we resist getting to our office. In the past, even a chocolate cookie along with peanut butter would have sufficed for a mid day meal.

In case, you really do not want to get lunch to the office, then you can at least make a good choice while selecting a mid day meal. If you are looking for healthy food at affordable price, you can choose organic salad for your mid day meal.

These days all fast food outlets realize the need of adding organic salads in their menu at an affordable price. Today, you can even get a good deal in salads while visiting a rival food outlet. Many of them give you a juice or a bottle of mineral water along with the organic salad at their outlets.

Preparing an organic salad on your own can actually lower the cost by many folds. Buying organic vegetables with lettuce can give you some really good salads at a very reasonable cost. Do not use an artificial dressing on your salads as a creamy layer can actually add up to a good amount of fats and excessive calories. Using a salad dressing can actually enhance its taste.

Some of the home made ideas to have real good organic salad is using red wine vinegar along with olive oil. This would give a very fresh taste to your salad. Just add some freshly prepared fruit juice to the salad and you would surely love the flavor of your organic salad. Or, you can even use orange segments with a little amount of orange juice to the salad base. You can even add small pieces of grilled chicken in your salad to make a great dish. You can have this salad along with a big piece of bread and wine and solve your hunger pangs without adding excess calories. What’s more? This delicious salad would also give you a filling satisfaction.

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