Organic Coffee Beans – Are They Worth It?

Is it worth it to buy organic coffee beans? There are lots of things to be said for buying organic products, and coffee is just like any other organically grown product. If you ask me, organic farmers and harvesters are paving the way for the future. Farming practices that are feasible and sound without using chemical pesticides, fertilizers, and other harmful agents are quickly becoming very popular, and for good reason. We all need to be conscious of the health risks that chemical farming poses to our own bodies, to wildlife, and to the environment. Whenever we can, it’s the responsible choice to grow organic.

U.S. organically grown coffee beans have to go through a detailed certification process by an agency under the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture.) Organic coffee has to meet a number of criteria before it can get certification. For example, to get certification a crop must grow for at least 3 years without synthetic and chemical pesticides or fertilizers. The field also has to follow a crop rotation program that is sustainable in the long-run to avoid soil depletion and erosion, as well as deterring pests from eating crops.

Anybody can vouch for the fact that seeing organic products-especially food products-in the grocery aisles is more and more common. Any truly healthy diet should contain as much organic food as possible. This includes organic meat, eggs, dairy, and produce. Take any steps you can to reduce your ingestion of potentially harmful chemical additives. If you are a coffee drinker, the coffee that you drink is no exception.

Your first thought is probably how expensive you think organic coffee is going to be, but think again. Browse the Internet for “organic coffee” and you’ll see that many online retailers sell organic coffee for about the same price as traditional coffee full of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. And some organic growers even grow their beans under rainforest-preserving shade trees that promote the vast array of bird life in the skies.

Even if the idea of saving the rainforest and endangered bird species doesn’t matter to you, it’s still important for your own health to go organic. Organic food is natural and good for you. And it taste great too. We can play a part in acting responsibly toward Mother Earth and drink our coffee in a more healthful way by buying organic coffee beans. Just make sure that your coffee is certified organic by an independent organization.

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