Odyssey White Hot 2 Ball Putter

 A golf club that will take strokes off of your game. The Odyssey White Hot 2 Ball Putter is simply dead on. If this club doesn’t help you on the green and increase your confidence, then nothing will.

Each golfer has their own feel on the green. That is why we see so many different varieties of putters. But what Callaway seems to have done is create a club that is right for everyone’s game. The 2 Ball Putter seems to be the universal choice amongst golfers.


There are two things that all golfers must do when putting. One is to have the correct alignment and the other is to judge the speed of the ball in relation to the distance. This club makes it easier for you to do both.  


It has a design like no other. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to line up putts. The 2-ball alignment aid makes this part of the game easy. It gives you more time to concentrate on the speed of the putt.  


It is well balanced and the weight is distributed around the perimeter which will give you a truer roll. The balance seems to make it feel natural when bringing the club back and then through the ball. You get that beautiful clicking sound when striking the ball.


It took me a little while to get accustomed to it on the practice green, but after I did I was amazed at how smoothly the ball rolled. It felt so natural. Five foot putts, which I detest, seemed like tap-ins. The Odyssey White Hot 2 Ball Putter certainly did give me confidence on the green. This putter has my recommendation.


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