Not Your Ordinary Pet Rock

Jerry took his pet rock (Bridgestone) to a pet rock race in Oregon. Thousands of pet rocks were entered in this first annual event. Jerry and Bridgestone had been training for quite awhile and knew that it would be a rock solid win. The conditions were perfect and as thought Bridgestone eliminated each entry one by one, leaving them in his dust. On the last day Bridgestone prepared to meet his final opponent. I was a tense moment. Jerry was confident of a win. Bridgestone blasted out of the chute and down the track, but as they neared the finish line Bridgestone faltered and Cornerstone won by a grain. Jerry couldn’t understand and Bridgestone wasn’t talking. Jerry decided to take Bridgestone to a counselor because he knew Bridgestone could have been a little boulder near the finish line. The counselor said, “Let me have a few minutes with Bridgestone and I will find out if it is a physical ore mental problem”. After a few minutes the counselor approached Jerry and said, don’t take Bridgestone for granite”. The counselor explained that the first place prize was a Rolling Stone concert and the second place was a week at pebble beach and Bridgestone wanted the rest.

If you remember the pet rock fad of 1975, it will bring back memories. Gary Dhal and a few friends were talking about owning pets and how much trouble and mess they make. Gary said he had a pet rock with a great personality and very talented. Gary was an advertising man and as his friends offered ideas of the many uses of the pet rock he decided to market the pet.

Gary wrote a training manual and caring case to help owners care and teach their pet rocks. The fad made Gary a millionaire.

Some of the suggestions and care for your pet rock showed up on book shelves and in discussion groups. Today you will find a lot of help on the internet. Faqs such as how long will he/she live. What do I feed my pet rock, and all you need to know about care and attention needed for a healthy relationship.

Teaching your pet rock tricks is a snap. Say sit and straight away your pet will sit (why don’t you try it out). Say the command stay and automatically it will stay completely still. Simply go to a hill and drop your pet, say roll and he/she will do the rest. We all know the classic command play dead. Your pet will perform better than any pet you have owned.

If you were a pet rock fan, you probably added family members to keep your pet company. The extended family can be found in parks, mountains, and beaches. You will want a wife, children and a wacky uncle (every family has a wacky relative). The care and maintenance remain the same.

People will probably know you are pet rock fan if you named your children Rocky, Crystal, or Diamond and you are constantly looking for your pet rock’s genealogy on the internet.

By now I think many pet rock owners have pet rocks ready for retirement. You may want to set your rock amongst rock communities in the mountains, beaches, and deserts. Eventually your pet rock will want to be at home in familiar surroundings with you.

Just a suggestion, but I would decorate an area of my home with a classy outdoors look for my pet family and I to enjoy. Amethyst geodes, colorful quartz, and sea shells with water flowing of them and some plants will enhance the area. Pet rocks like the sound of gently flowing water. Maybe a few pictures of nature will warm your hearts. These will bring joy, peace and tranquility to you and your rock.

Pet rocks are ideal in this century. They are environmentally friendly, leave a small carbon footprint, and adapt well in a rocky economy.

I hope these memories will help you get reacquainted with your pet rock or introduce you to a unique and long lasting relationship with a unique pet.

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