Nigella says no to weight loss

VOLUPTUOUS TV chef NIGELLA LAWSON has vowed to not lose any weight – as she
fears she would ‘age ten years’ if she did.

The domestic goddess, 51, is admired worldwide for her curvy body, sexy
confidence and radiant skin.

And despite describing herself as being ‘built like a shot-putter’, she is
convinced the extra pounds are the secret to her sexy appearance.

Nigella, who was pictured wearing an unflattering ‘burkini’ while in Australia
last week, said: “Of course I have moments of doubt.

“All women have times thinking: ‘My God, I can’t go out, my hips are so big

“But there’s a range we are comfortable within and I don’t like it when I go
above that.

“I’ve got no desire to go below it. If I lose 40lb I would age ten years
straight away. But that’s my excuse!”

She added: “Women find it very easy to persecute themselves over their weight
and whenever I’ve said: ‘I ought to lose a bit of weight,’ I can guarantee
I’ll put it on.

“I love food and I love cooking so therefore I never deprive myself.”

I could think of a few celebs who could learn a thing or two from Nigella.

How refreshing.

Keeping covered ... Nigella in Australia

Apr 26th, 2011 | Posted in Weight Loss
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