Naxos, Greece – The Greenest Cycladic Island Slowly Reveals Its Beauties

Naxos is the largest among the Cyclades group of Islands, situated right in the centre of this complex. The diversity of Naxos landscape is probably its most characteristic feature, adding to the uniqueness of this island and giving it a different spirit than the other Cycladic islands, which are usually rocky and barren, with only little vegetation.

Since the ancient times, Naxos Greece was famous for its fertile valleys and raining climate, which would most of all favour the cultivation of vineyards and the production of wines. In fact, the wines of Naxos were so renowned in the antiquity that people believed that God Dionysus, the god of wine and fun, was living on the island.

Remember the myth that Theseus abandoned the Cretan princess Ariadne on Naxos, on his trip back to Athens, after he had killed Minotaurus with the help of Ariadne, who was in love with her? Well, this story goes on and narrates that Dionysus found the poor girl, fell in love with her and made her immortal. Another fact that proves the cult of Dionysus on Naxos is the numerous statues of him that have been found on the island.

Today, if you hike or drive around Naxos island, you will come across many fertile valleys, tree covered mountainsides and small pine forests. Lovely spots will appear on your way from where you can get beautiful views. These views often reveal you long, sandy beaches, such as Plaka or Agios Prokopios, the two most famous coasts on the island, where you will certainly find a comfortable Naxos hotel.

Among this lush greenery, you will certainly find ancient temples, like the temple of Demeter in Sangri village, giant statues of men, abandoned right on the place they were found, ruined Venetian towers and many traditional villages that depict local architecture and a relaxing daily life. It is not to wonder why the locals today deal so much with agriculture and cattle-breeding, since their land is so fertile. The villagers produce plenty of goods, with potatoes, cheese and wine being the most famous.

The fortunate thing is that Naxos Cyclades may be one of the most popular destinations in Greece, however it has managed to keep its authenticity and traditional spirit. It keeps its secrets among lush greenery and waits for you to reveal them…

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