Lost in the City Review

The title of the game says it all. Lost in the City is a hidden object game about a hero and his quest to go against the entirety of an abandoned city while trying to get back to his normal life. And unlike any other mysterious adventure game, this one starts with a love story, just one of the many weird points of the game.

The hero of the game opens up the game on a date with a girl named April. After drinking coffee at her home, he was drugged and found himself waking up to an unfamiliar place. After exploring further, it did not take him long to realize that the whole town is deserted, and all he wants to do now is to find April and get out of the wretched place. However, his involvement to the story is definitely more than he can imagine as he contends with life threatening challenges that will test both his mind and body.

In Lost in the City, your objective is to complete missions presented to you in each area you encounter within the set time limit if you’re playing timed mode. Missions are presented to you on the right side of the screen and if you’re thinking that too little is being shown, brace yourself because you’ll soon realize that there’s more for you to do in each level once you gather enough of the initial items. By the way, there are no random items in the game too, because all of them are important to the hero’s quest, as sometimes followed-up by a brief explanation on why he’s gathering such items.

While it’s all just traditional hidden object game play, certain elements of the game make it more fun than the average. For one, there’s the inventory feature, which is something we see often on high-end hidden object adventures, and there’s also the built-in magnify tool for you to take a closer look on the scene whenever you want to.

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