Lighters And History

Lighters have long been handed out as commemorative items. These lighters are rich in history, telling a great deal both about their owner and the era in which they were manufactured. Many smokers and non-smokers alike enjoy collecting lighters for this reason and for the simple mechanical genius represented by the devices.

Lighters with military connections are a very common heirloom item. In fact, the first mass-produced lighters were deeply connected with World War One. At that time, soldiers oftentimes had to use matches to find their way in the dark. Matches famously let loose a bright flare when they’re struck and, with enemy soldiers always looking for a target, this spelled almost certain death for the soldiers using the matches. Lighters ignite much more subtly and pose less of a risk of catching attention.

Many veterans carried a lighter with them that was emblazoned with the logo of the branch in which they served, their ship or their unit. Such items are highly prized and some of them have a good deal of monetary value. If you happen to own such an item, it’s well-worth the effort to keep it in good condition, cleaned and in operational order. Aside from the potential value to collectors, it’s a bit of family history, in most cases.

Some of the oldest liquid-fueled lighters can be identified by their having a completely external hinge on the top. This design wasn’t in use for long as the internal hinge used on such devices today is much sturdier and easier to repair. If you happen to have one of these, you have a bit of history in your hand.

You can tell a lot about a lighter owner’s preferences by the type of lighter they left behind. If the lighter is provided with the “three-in-one” tool used for tamping down tobacco, its owner was most certainly a pipe smoker. A non-portable table lighter is a possession denoting that its owner enjoyed a relaxing smoke at their residence and that the occasion was characterized by rituals of luxury. A well worn liquid-fueled lighter may well have been owned by an outdoor enthusiast who may or may not have enjoyed a smoke by their campfire.

Lighters are equally interesting for the evolution of technology they represent. From the most humble wick lighter to the most advanced electric torch model, they all tell a great deal about their era.

May 28th, 2017 | Posted in Gifts
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