Leonidas Belgian Chocolate Review

Leonidas’ chocolates are simply exquisite, with a burst of flavor and the finest quality of chocolate, whether dark, milk, or ivory cocoa. But as all things that are that good, Leonidas’ Belgian chocolates don’t come cheap.

Leonaidas have an assortment of about 90 kinds of pralines filled with different kinds of sinful pleasures. Caramels, liquors, and buttercreams. The orangettes or candied orange peel dipped in bittersweet chocolate is also just heavenly. You can taste the playful punch of orange along with a luscious, rich taste of dark chocolate.

Perle truffles are just lovely and come in nine varieties such as Champagne, Rhum Cafe, and Pistachio.

But I must say the dark pralines assortment is one of my personal favorites in all of Leonidas’ products. The rich, bittersweet taste of chocolate is enough to melt you and all your worries away, including the price you have to pay.

But if you’re not so much into dark chocolates, there are still a lot of sinful delights to choose from their products. There is definitely something for everyone.

Decorative Ballotin

General Assortment

Butter Cream Assortment

Dark Chocolate Assortment

Milk Chocolate Assortment

Leonidas Napolitains

Manon Blanc/Café

Leonidas Orangettes


Leonidas Chocolate Bars

Leonidas Chocolate Mini-bars – New

Leonidas Perles Pures

Leonidas Without Added Sugar

If you’re worried that if you order, it will take too long that the chocolates are going to be spoiled even before it reaches your home, you don’t have to worry. The shipment is fast, and Leonidas always makes sure that fresh chocolates are delivered from Belgium every week.

For a more comprehensive review of Leonidas’ Belgian chocolates, just lick on the link.

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