Learn to Play the Fiddle

You can learn to play the fiddle. With a desire to learn, and some proper information, you will be on your way in no time. In this article you will learn the difference between a fiddle and a violin, how to choose your instrument, and how to find a style of learning to read music that best suits your needs. Armed with this ammunition you will be able to develop and pursue an enjoyable hobby whose benefits will last a lifetime.


The basic difference between a fiddle and a violin is that there is no basic difference between a fiddle and a violin. They are one and the same instrument. The difference is in the genre of music played on them. Fiddles are used to play folk music and Irish style tunes, while violins are referred to by that moniker when playing classical style music. Occasionally fiddle players will shave the bridge to help in playing a “double-stop” (two strings played at once). Also most fiddle players prefer steel strings because of their sound as opposed to gut or synthetic strings for violins. The first step is to choose your instrument to learn to play the fiddle.


In choosing your instrument, you will find used beginner models priced in the $100-$300 range. You may also find other vintage models costing multiple tens of thousands of dollars! If possible, let the sound of the instrument help you in your investment. In other words, ask the seller to play the fiddle so you can hear the instrument for yourself. With a little practice, your ear will develop and you will discern the quality of sound you are looking for. You will also need to learn to identify the various parts of the fiddle so you can examine these parts for possible damage and determine repair needs. This is especially important should you choose to purchase a used fiddle.


This is an extremely important question to consider as you learn to play the fiddle. Do you learn best by reading the instructions, and then putting those instructions into practice? Or are you the type that tries to put the project together only referring to the instructions only when you have exhausted all other avenues? Understanding your individual style of learning will help you select your instructor or even whether or not to have a teacher. There are a myriad of self teaching methods available to the student that will help you learn to play the fiddle.


Your decision to learn to play the fiddle can be one of the most personally rewarding choices you have ever made. Whether this is your first musical instrument or you are simply adding another instrument to your repertoire, you will find this instrument will greatly expand your musical horizons. Your appreciation and enjoyment of the musical arts will rise to new heights as you learn to play the fiddle!

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