Lancaster, Lancashire is Rich in History

Lancaster is in the county of Lancashire, in the United Kingdom. It is known for it’s commerce and culture throughout the years as well as its ties to the British monarchy. Lancaster is rich in history.

Lancaster is in North Western England which is considered to be the most lovely part of England. It is located on the Lune river, and only three miles from Morecambe bay. So, it is understandable why Lancaster is home to the fourth oldest rowing club in all of the United Kingdom.

In keeping with it’s cultural heritage, there is much available in the arts today. “Lancaster grand theatre” is one of the oldest theatres in all of the U.K. It has been in operation without interruption since seventeen eighty two.

Nuttfield theatre at Lancaster university is well known and very popular for it’s professional dance performances, as well as many experimental programs. There is musch to see here, including films and interesting new artistic innovations, some even including local involvement.

In Lancaster center there are many museums and historic buildings to be seen. These are within a very short walking distance of each other. So, you do not have to worry about driving about from place to place. Just take a leisurely walk to each place of interest.

While in Lancaster, one must see “Lancaster castle”. This castle is a historic “court” and prison, which is still being used to this day. Guests are allowed to visit only certain areas, but it is well worth exploring. This castle is famous for the “Lancashire witch trials”, and also has it’s own “hanging corner” which may be viewed. You will also want to see “Shire hall” which displays over six hundred heraldic shields.

The shopping in Lancaster is fantastic. The “St Nicholas arcades” offers many well known stores, as well as small specialty shops, and plenty of places to eat. You may also find plenty of shops while walking in downtown Lancaster. Do not miss “Atkinson’s”. This adorable tea shop has much to offer, and has been in business since eighteen thirty seven.

Lancaster has a great variety of well know restaurants, and even has a web sight dedicated to the “taste of Lancaster”. Here you will find out more about these fantastic restaurants, many known for featuring “locally raised foods”.

Whether you are headed to the seashore, or the countryside, you will find everything you need in Lancaster.

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