Launches a New Website Using the PageLines DMS WordPress Framework …

It’s here. Kyle Irving’s brand new website with a number of changes that once again prove that their specialty lies not only in social media and marketing, but also in website design and development. The web design team loves using WordPress for building beautiful and responsive websites and since they have made it their goal to test out as many frameworks as possible, they are now ready with their professional verdict: when it comes to stability, flexibility, scalability and ease of use, no other framework comes close to PageLines DMS. With that in mind the team is looking forward to flexing their skills and building some more great websites for their clients.

The first thing you need to know about PageLines DMS (Design Management System) is that there is a free WordPress resource that once downloaded replaces the standard theme and gives a responsive, drag and drop system instead. Although PageLines is available as a free open source project, there is a premium version that unlocks even more capabilities. As Kyle Irving has PageLines Developer licence they are able to make those premium extensions available to their customers too. What this means is that the clients get the full power of DMS and a team that is experienced at getting the best out of the framework.

What is great about the framework is that you can work on the front end by simply dragging and dropping the sections of the website. “This user-friendly system creates great opportunities for our future web development projects. It means we can work much faster and produce better results more easily. In essence we are able to do more with less and that means we can achieve more for our clients, even with limited budgets”, says Kyle Irving Founder Gavin Aldrich.

He continues pointing out the multiple benefits of the framework: “While working on the new outlook of our website in the past month, we have noticed a significant change; we are a small business and we value time, that’s why we feel that with this framework we can finally say goodbye to the common WordPress headaches. We have tested PageLines DMS with nearly every plugin we could think of and it has passed with flying colours which means that our clients are able to access enterprise type solutions within their budget”.

“Kyle Irving’s ultimate goal is to create functional and beautiful websites that work. That means websites which are engaging and let the client easily manage the content and track the results. “With PageLines DMS we are able to give a lot of power to the user and that’s something we really value too”, proudly states Gavin.

Jan 18th, 2014 | Posted in Technology
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