Kinds of Yeast Infection Treatments and Prevention

Seventy-five percent of women are affected by yeast infections. Even most of them suffer from recurring yeast infections. Although the symptoms can be easily felt and distinguished, the type of medication and treatment can be difficult if you do not know what you are doing.

Commercial and Natural Treatments

There are commercial kinds of yeast infection treatments available in the market. These are normally in the form of topical lotions, like miconazole or Monistat. Simply apply the lotion on the infected area for a single course of treatment. Why single? Because the fungus can easily toughen up and become resilient to the cure.

Another way to treat yeast infections is through natural remedies like garlic, yogurt and vinegar. By eating more garlic and cranberries, you are helping your body fight against the fungus since garlic has natural anti-fungal properties. Also, you can try wrapping garlic in cheesecloth, form a tampon and leave it overnight on the infected area. Applying diluted tea tree oil also helps to relief symptoms very fast.

Aside from yeast infection treatments, it is important to know that preventing the fungus from ever occurring is the best possible cure. By simply avoiding sharing your towels or washcloths and keeping them dry and clean before you use them, you can deny the fungus from infecting you.

Diet that is high in vegetables, grains and proteins is also ideal. Yogurt consumption is advisable too since it promotes good bacteria in the body, which can help protect your from fungal infection such as yeast infections.

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