Kid’s Memory Games – Let Your Child Improve Memory by Playing Games

Kids’ memory is usually disorganised and that makes them forget quickly. They often forget what homework was given in school; spellings they learnt recently and some times they are unable to recall people’s names. Due to disorganised thoughts they tend to give less importance to these facts and fail to register the information in their mind and thus forget. By stimulating their brain with activity that motivates them to think, recall and organise will certainly enhance their memory.

Children can remember better if the activities they are involved in are visual and or audio based. They can retrieve information better if they see and hear. To constantly feed your kid with such activity could be quite demanding but online memory games will surely help you in this regard. This is also the reason why we see that today’s schools are including more of these AV aids and or involve child to draw more to remember more. Got it?

Number Scrambler

This game will help the kids in recalling phone numbers, spellings, signs and symbols. The game is scientifically devised to cater to the intellect of the brain and to build the memory skills of children. The game is interactive and it displays numbers and the audio tells the number that has to be stored in your mind and type it when asked to. You have a similar process game that will help you learn spelling and signs.

Finding the Suspect game

This memory game requires some sharp memory, and when you start it may be appearing quite easy but as you progress and find out the suspect, difficult and harder to crack. However, it can certainly prove to be a good memory game not just for kids even for adults; or may we say the ageing adults.

Jelly Bean Match

All you need to do in this game is to match the jelly bean by color; it is very simple and easy to play. When you successfully match all the colors you win. It is real fun and at the same time you will be feeding your memory to recall better.

Simon Memory Game

This game is classic memory game in which you have to repeat the series of colors and sounds that are displayed. There is another game called the ‘Celebrity Simon’ and the instruction for the game is to remember the sequence of goofy celebrities who need to be associated with the strange noise they make.

Studies disclose that a lot of stress in a kid’s life can affect their memory drastically. So it is necessary for the parents to balance between play and studies. Online memory games serve the purpose of both and kids will enjoy these memory games while learning something new.

May 6th, 2017 | Posted in Mind Development
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