Kelly Osbourne Thinks Gastric Band for Weight Loss

Kelly Osbourne, face of Madonna’s Material Girl fashion line, is learning how hard it can be to keep off weight you’ve lost. Sure, Dancing With the Stars provides a workout that could take excess flesh off Santa Claus. But since then she has gained close to fifteen pounds, just letting herself go on vacation, reports Digital Spy. Kelly Osbourne is, the British tabloid goes on, worried that she might lose her Madonna gig, if she can’t get into—more important, look good in—the clothes.

Gastric band surgery looks good to her at the moment. Kelly’s mom Sharon had it done in 1999, and it seems to be still working. Why wouldn’t Kelly be tempted?Material Girl Collection

Well, two reasons. One, Kelly Osbourne is not really heavy enough. The surgery is most often done on people whose life—not career—is being threatened. But that may be changing, especially for those who don’t need to count on insurance. Two, Kelly is already putting off surgery she needs to have on her feet, which, according to reports, hurt all the time. But that is a far more complicated and debilitating procedure, so maybe this is a starting point.

The fashion job went to Kelly Osbourne in the first place, because Madonna’s daughter Lourdes thinks Kelly is one of the “coolest” people she knows. And early fashion shots looked great. Kelly’s sense of style set off the Material Girl clothing perfectly. So now what?

“Kel’s at her wit’s end over her weight and is worried she’s putting back all the pounds she fought so hard to lose,” a friend told Daily Star. “When she feels down, she turns to food but that makes her even more down, so she just carries on eating.” OK, this friend might be on to something.

Still, it’s hard. Look at Oprah, with all her resources. There is no easy route, but determination matters, so give it your all. And best of luck.

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Apr 10th, 2011 | Posted in Weight Loss
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