Keeping the Integrity in ‘So You Think You Can Dance’

Well, It is about that time again, So You Think You Can Dance will soon be gracing our TV’s and thoughts. While I look forward to the show every season, I can’t help but to be skeptical of the integrity for this next season. I clearly remember last season at the end of Hollywood week, Nigel telling one of the contestants she is amazing but doesn’t have the personality and to come back next year when she has developed more of one. Once he said that I immediately became discouraged by the judges and the “want” to watch the show.

I do realize having a personality is a bonus, but last time I checked my reasons for watching the show, it was to watch the amazing art and talent of the dancers. Not to listen to them tell jokes or be a ham. In all reality, professional dancers aren’t up on stage talking and telling jokes, they dance and then disappear. For example, Celine Dion’s show. Do you think Benji would be on stage talking to the audience after Celine sang “My Heart Will Go On”? Um, no, he would be a back up dancer and just dance, not needing his personality one bit. So tell me, why is it that they need to be stellar “popular kids” to qualify for a dance show when they have crazy amazing talent?

Watching the show for the last four seasons now, it does seem that personality takes precedence over dance ability and technique, but leave that decision to the viewers so we can be upset with ourselves opposed to the producers and judges. For shows like this it is so important the viewers have confidence in the show and feel good about watching and supporting it. If I can see the judging is skewed or not  true to the point of the show, I feel guilty in supporting it and am discouraged to watch. The people in charge should put the most amazing and versatile dancers on the show and let the viewers weed them out if they don’t like their personalities. That is the best way to keep the integrity of the show “So You Think You Can Dance”, otherwise they should change the name “So You Think You Can Schmooze”, or something like that.

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