Jesus, Why Can’t the Animals Talk?

One day little Luke was walking with his dog outside. A cat ran by, and Luke’s dog Miller started barking and barking.

Luke looked up at heaven and said, “Jesus, why can’t dogs talk?”

Jesus replied, “Dogs can talk Luke. You hear your dog barking right now, don’t you?”

Little Luke says, “Aw Jesus, you know what I mean….why can’t Miller talk like I can? Why do dogs bark, and cats meow instead of just telling us what they want?”

Jesus says to Luke, “Look around you. Tell me all the creatures you see, big and small. Look hard. Try not to leave anything out.” So little Luke begins to concentrate really hard and starts naming all the things he can see from his own backyard.

Luke says, “I see my dog, Ms. Casey’s cat, and some birds. There’s a big green frog, and a squirrel is in that tree. That’s all I see Jesus. Now what?”

Jesus says to Luke, “You’re not looking close enough, what else do you see? Look under your feet, look in the sky, look out past the pond….now what do you see?” So little Luke kneels close to the ground and says, “I see ants, bunches of them. And I see grasshoppers and ….Cool, there’s a lizard.”

“Good”, says Jesus. “Now keep looking and tell me more.”

Luke points at Billy’s window. His friend has a cage on the window sill. Luke continues, “I see Billy’s hamster, and there’s a teeny frog on the window too. And in the pond I know there are fish and turtles.

“Wonderful Luke, now you’re getting the hang of this. What other things do you see?” asks Jesus.

“I see mosquitoes! Hey Jesus, why did you make mosquitoes anyhow? I can’t see any reason for those critters,” exclaims Luke.

Jesus laughs and says to Luke, “You are funny son, but let’s deal with your other question first. Finish telling me what you see.”

Luke keeps looking and sees a ladybug, some flies, a grasshopper, a butterfly, and some weird bug he doesn’t know the name of, sitting by his shoe. Finally he asks Jesus, “So now can you tell me why Miller can’t talk?”

Jesus says, “Luke, you’ve named a bunch of things that you can see right from where you’re standing.” You said, “Dogs, cats, birds, squirrels, hamsters, fish, ants, turtles, and lots of bugs, Right?”

“Right”, says Luke.

“OK Luke, now do me one more favor. You told me what you could see. Now close your eyes and tell me what you can’t see. Tell me only what you hear. Then I promise, I’ll answer your question,” says Jesus.

So little Luke continues standing, and closes his eyes real tight. He begins by telling Jesus all the things he can hear.

He says, “I hear birds chirping and…”

Jesus interrupts Luke and says, “Are they all chirping Luke, or do some sound different than others?”

” Well, they do sound different, Jesus. Some are singing. And one sounds like its mad and screaming. And one keeps whistling”, says Luke.

“Great job Luke. You’re really getting the hang of this. What else do you hear?” asks Jesus.

Luke keeps his eyes shut and turns around slowly in his yard and says, “the grasshoppers are making some kind of weird sound, and that toad is going rib bet- rib bet. The dog is still barking at the cat….aggh!, that’s all I hear Jesus. Really, I can’t hear anything else.” exclaims Luke.

Jesus, says, “Luke, you’ve done a wonderful job of looking and listening and I’m very proud of you. Now I’m going to show you something very, very special. All you have to do is close your eyes one last time and listen again. But don’t open your eyes until I say so and don’t talk… just listen, OK?”

“OK Jesus”, says little Luke.

And he does just as Jesus asks. He closes his eyes and waits. And then something unbelievable happened!

First it was kind of quiet, then, he heard Miller’s voice. Miller- His dog! Only Miller wasn’t barking, he was actually talking. Talking to the cat! Miller was telling the cat how he could catch her if she wasn’t always such a scaredy-cat, and always running up a tree. And then the cat started telling Miller how he’d never catch her because cats were always faster. And smarter!

Little Luke wanted to open his eyes and see the cat and dog talking but he kept them closed like Jesus told him.

As he was listening to the dog and cat arguing, he began to hear the squirrels chattering away, only he could understand them too. They were talking about storing nuts for the winter. And about how it was too cold this time of year.

And then while all of them were talking, Luke heard the birds. There were all kinds of birds! Some were talking about building nests, some were talking about flying to Florida for the winter, some were talking about Ms. Casy’s cat always chasing them from the yard.

And just when little Luke thought he’d heard it all, he heard the toads. Next, came the grasshoppers. And then the ants. There were so many thousands and thousands of little ant voices! And he could hear them all. It was getting really, really loud around him now. He was trying to understand everything, but all the animals and insects were talking at the same time.

Luke squeezed his eyes really tight and concentrated hard on listening. He could hear the hamster running on his wheel, huffing and puffing, saying, “If I can just get to the end, if I can just get to the end.” And then Luke heard a grasshopper talking to its butterfly friend. Then he heard the grasshopper scream as a frog swallowed it and said. “yum-yum”. Luke did not like hearing the grasshopper scream.

Luke couldn’t believe all of this, but he knew it was true because Jesus could do anything. The animals and the birds and the insects all kept talking. It got louder and louder and louder, and little Luke’s head started to hurt from the noise.”

Then Luke heard one voice above all the rest and it was Jesus.

Jesus told Luke, “Open your eyes now.”

And when Luke did, it all got quiet again. Well not quiet exactly. But at least it was back to normal. Once again, he heard the birds chirping, the dog barking and the cat meowing. And it was a wonderful sound! A beautiful sound!

And all at once, little Luke understood! Even though all of God’s creatures are unique and different, they are also the same in so many ways. We may communicate differently, but that’s what makes the world a better, more special place to live in. What a dull world it would be if all of the animals talked the same language. That would be like going to China and instead of hearing people talk in Chinese, you’d only hear English. Or imagine going to Italy, only instead of Italian, you’d only speak English. I bet you would miss those beautiful operas sung by Pavarotti.

How boring this world would be if everybody and every creature sounded the same. And oh, how noisy! Just hearing all those ants talking was proof enough for Luke. How could anyone enjoy a walk in their backyard if they had to listen to all that? That would not be much fun.

“So, Luke, do you understand now why Miller barks at you, instead of talking to you?” asked Jesus.

“Yes Jesus. And I’m so glad you made it that way. Thanks for answering my question today. Now, what about those mosquitoes?” asks Luke.

Jesus laughs again. And Luke thinks that’s the best sound of all!

The End

1 Corinthians 2:9-10 (Life Application Study Bible- New International Version -

“However, as it is written: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him”- but God has revealed it to us by his Spirit. The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God.”

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