Jessica Simpson Winning Weight Loss Battle for Wedding

Jessica Simpson looks slim and trim as the countdown toward her wedding to ex-NFL player Eric Johnson continues. Jess has famously had up and down weight problems most of her life, so the fact that she has things under control will thrill her fans and stun her critics, who still bring up an unfortunate pair of jeans Jessica Simpson wore two years ago, reports Mail Online. Don’t people ever forget? Give the girl a break!

This time Jess is serious, and she appears to be losing weight the old fashioned way–work out really hard and eat really carefully. Too bad there isn’t an easier route. Jessica Simpson is reportedly working out four times a week with celeb-trainer Tracy Anderson, for 45 minutes at a clip. Then she is experimenting with a vegan diet, although it is not an all-the-time thing. “I’m from Texas,” Jess says. “I’d fry steak.”

Meanwhile, hard work of all kinds can play a role, and the singer-celeb is totally immersed in her clothing line, which grossed some $750 million last year, right up there with Calvin Klein. No time to fry steak when you live at a breakneck pace.

And when is the wedding? In modern celeb style, the bride and groom are keeping quiet, but word is a date has recently been set. Hints are it will be before Christmas. Congratulations and Best Wishes, Jessica Simpson.

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Apr 27th, 2011 | Posted in Weight Loss
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