Japanese Hipsters: MTA Fashion Victims

Subway map Ray Ban Wayfarers, coming soon to a Japanese hipster near you (photo from Cranium Fitteds Blog)

Sure, we have to deal with the endless fare hikes and service cuts on the ever-frustrating MTA, but at least trendy Japanese kids love the look! According to Cosmo Japan, which licenses MTA gear like baseball hats and sneakers, Japanese customers have contributed a whopping $111,332 to the MTA’s merch sales in the past year. Why on earth do fashionable Japanese street kids want to be seen in map-adorned sneakers? It’s simple, really.

“Japanese hipsters wear subway logos as part of a trend ‘similar to the hip-hop or punk fashion,” Babson marketing professor Ket Matsuno tells The Post. Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve encountered MTA-loving Japanese people: in 2009, pop artist Yoshitomo Nara was arrested for decorating (naturally) an L train stop with smiley faces. And why shouldn’t he, when the typical morning commute on a Japanese subway requires the assistance of four professional people-packers? Suddenly, that F train isn’t looking so bad.

Apr 25th, 2011 | Posted in Fashion
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