It’s Another Real Chance of Love

Last season real Chance of Love was a hit reality series, where the the brothers search for love was put to the test. There were many cat fights, along with drama which escalated to the height of being a memorable ploy of the contestants.

Chance and Real are former contestants of the hit Vh1 reality show, I Love New York. Chance is known for his bad boy out of control attitude, while Real is the mild mannered, no-nonsense type.

Chance decided that his search for love would not stop with his two finalist Cali and Risky, so he sent them both home and said he loved them both. Chance said that he was not in love, which he said caused him not to choose between the two women.

Unlike his brother, Real did find love for a moment with Corn Fed, which ended a short time later. Real said that the breakup was due to his career interest.

Real Chance of love was one of the most watched reality shows, which gave Vh1 another pat on the the back for excellence.

Now the guys are rumored to be on their way with part 2, so get ready for the ladies, who will come and go as they vie for the love of Real and chance.

I believe that viewers and fans of the single brothers, are excited about the new rumored show. Will it be a hit? Of course part 2 is always more exciting, so break out the pop corn and soda because, its another Real Chance of Love!

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