How to Tell Tomorrows Weather in the Open Range

If you crawl out of your tent early in a summer morning and find out breakfast will be nice and easy, because there is no dew on the grass, should not get ready for a longer walk out in the open range. If you want to go anyway, you should at least take a waterproof jacket.

There are a few signs for bad or good upcoming weather. All you need to know is how to read them, if there is no reliable weather forecast available.

Animals usually know ahead of time how the weather is going to be. You all know about the swallows flying high, if the weather is nice. That’s because their dinner insects are flying high on nice and sunny days. Mosquitoes are unusually aggressive on a morning before a rain or thunderstorm. And if you can’t sleep at night because of the frogs a having a “field night”, you can expect a nice and sunny day in the morning.

Not quite so easy is reading the clouds. A whole variety of different clouds are a sign of bad weather to come, same as light feather clouds and a fresh breeze at the same time. Fast moving shreds of clouds low on the horizon are promising bad weather, also. Signs of nice weather to come would be a tearing layer of clouds at the evening, single, fast moving clouds drifting with the wind, or an almost cloudless sky in the evening.

There has always been a relation between the colour of sundowns and sunrise and the coming weather. A red sunrise is promising rain, same as a pale yellow sundown. A clear and clean sundown, even red as red can be is an almost guarantee for a nice and sunny next day.

More signs for bad weather to come are halos around the moon, shimmering stars at night, sweating rocks and a very clear and long sight into the range. Sinking mist in the morning, a lot of dew in the first half of the night and distant fog on the horizon are promising good weather.

If you are venturing out in the range or into the mountains, you should always try to get the best of weather forecasts possible. Always be prepared for a sudden change! It might be very entertaining to watch a group of folks getting picked up from the side of a mountain by a search and rescue helicopter, because they got surprised by a sudden fog and bad rain, it might be you, so be aware.

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