How to take a gossip easier

Gossips are surrounding us in our day-to-day doings, at work or in neighborhood, among friends or in fitness club. And we always get disappointed when find out that someone is gossiping about us. However approaching such kind of situations from statistical point of view could ease your grieve significantly.

First think about yourself. How many times a day you or your close friends say something about others? At least several times for sure. Now let presume that minimum 1 or 2 of those sayings would not be much pleasing to the person to whom it addressed. Then guess what percentage of those sayings could eventually reach to ears of affected person ? I?? sure it would be very small percentage.

Now applying simple statistics will make you to draw a conclusion that there is always someone who talks about you. However we become aware of that very rarely and that why it disappoints us once it occurs. Then why we should be upset of things that is very common to happen. Take it as something like road accident. Once we notice on our way some crashed car with couple of passengers killed it spoils our mood for whole day. But generally that happens every minute around the world and it doesn affect our mood at all. Same with gossip.

Just consider it as sort of awkward joke or inapropriate fun. Remember, it happens every day or even hour, we just don know about it. So, take it easy )

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