How to Read the Label Wines

Most of those who buy a bottle of wine is influenced by the pack: the designs, colors, shapes, and this confuses the ideas of the consumer, especially if inexperienced because the gaze away from key information affecting the choice of product. But that is another question ….. the thing which interests us is how to read and understand the information given.

In Italy as in any other country, the law imposes specific standards to which every manufacturer must follow in order to ensure the quality and authenticity of the product. The information to be reported, in this case we speak of are the category of wines (DOC, DOCG, IGT, table linen, sparkling), the name (or name) and seat the bottler, the nation of origin, volume, volume and date of bottling.

These data refer to any type of wine, may be added further information depending on the level of quality. For example for the DOC and DOCG wines is also necessary to indicate the zone and the year of production, for Docg then, comes the obligation to apply the marking on the bottle of state.

In addition to these mandatory features there are other types of optional, at the full discretion of the manufacturer, but always provided for and regulated by law: the conditions provided for in the specification (Classico Riserva, etc.), Number of the bottle, cultivation technique, the name of vineyard and even more information to enrich the image of the bottle, as advised in the ways of service and matching with food, and conservation.

Surely this information is useful for you to help the consumer to buy with awareness, but to give a greater indication of the quality of the wine is without doubt one of taste.

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