How to Pick Men’s Beach Shorts

Fellas, have you ever been shopping for beach shorts and thought – how the heck do I find the perfect pair of shorts for me?

It seems that women have it easy when picking beach and holiday-wear. Every magazine and website at this time of year is giving tips for picking the perfect bikini but men aren’t so luck.

Well today we are bringing you the definitive guide to picking men’s swimwear.

First things first, you need to look at your body shape. Are you tall and thin or are you short and compact?

Board Shorts

Board shorts are an awesome choice for everyone. They are practical for both the beach and walking around the resort. They always look stylish and summerish.

Water Shorts

Slightly shorter than board shorts, water shorts usually hover just above the knee and are a perfect choice for those who aren’t the tallest in the world. Designed to be perfect for pool, beach or walking around resorts.

Aqua shorts

Aqua shorts aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, normally quite tight and short, these are one step away from full Speedo trunks but slightly more modest. Great for minimal tan-lines but not so great for walking around in.


Swimming trunks should be banned for everyone but championship swimmers, they are a bit too 70’s these days and leave little to the imagination. Trunks aren’t great for walking around in and a lot of places consider it the height of rudeness to walk around in a pair of trunks and a t-shirt. Avoid this faux pas at all cost.

Aug 1st, 2017 | Posted in Fashion
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