How to Obtain a 40-Plus Inch Vertical Jump

Have you ever seen an athlete in basketball, football, or any sport for that matter, make an amazing, gravity-defying, play and thought to yourself I wish I could do that? If you have had that thought, you may very well be selling yourself short. One of the most common misconceptions about an athlete with a high vertical leap is that they were born with their athleticism, and it is all purely based on genetics. While some are born with the natural ability to jump higher than others, I assure you that many people you see that blow your mind away with their leaps are not and had to work for every inch of it.  With a proper training program, diet, and work ethic, anyone can obtain jaw-dropping hops.

First of all you must have a proper vertical jump training program if you ever hope to see a sizable increase in your vertical leap. This MUST include workouts that increase your strength as well as workouts that increase speed and explosiveness. The basics of how high any person can jump are how much force they can exert upon the ground, and how quickly they can exert that force. To improve upon these two factors, one must combine the most effective aspects of weight training, resistance training, and plyometrics into a well structured routine. Although you can very easily put together a decent workout routine for yourself that will more than likely produce results, I would highly recommend that you pick up a professionally designed program from one of the vertical jump fields’ experts. These people have spent their entire lives researching how to add inches to the average persons’ vertical leap, and you will no doubt experience far greater gains by following their programs.  Look into and read reviews of the top vertical jump programs before you make any decision and/or purchase.

Another major factor in determining how many inches you can add to your vertical jump is how healthy you are, and more specifically how healthy you eat. Unless you were lucky enough to be one of the small few who were born with the genetics for a giant vertical, you might as well start eating right now if you ever want to reach your goals. If you are packing a few extra pounds of fat that you don’t need lose them; this is only more weight you need to take up in the air with you. And it is well known that in order to maximize the potential of muscle training, you need to eat a healthy and protein rich diet. You may also consider using supplements, but that is up to individual discretion. If you do decide to supplement, make sure to do your research and get the right stuff.

One final and often overlooked variable in the equation of gaining vertical leap is work ethic. You have made it this far so you are clearly interested in the topic, and are very likely motivated, but can you keep it up? After six weeks of intense training will you still keep to your workouts and diet with equal enthusiasm? In order to maximize gains, your vertical jump program should be followed religiously, and all workouts and exercises performed correctly and with full effort. This will determine whether or not you achieve the amazing results you are looking for, or become one of the many who burn out and never reach their goal.

Obtaining a giant vertical leap of forty or more inches is not easy. Nothing worth having ever is. However I promise that if you follow a professionally constructed vertical jump program, eat correctly, and work hard consistently you will gain multiple inches on your vertical leap and eventually reach your goal, however many inches that may be.

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