How to Master the Simple Golf Swing

If you are like me, the simple golf swing is often a secret to the most golfers. A golf swing is essential to your results and so you have to master the simple golf swing first. After that you will be able to improve your play and you will get better and better. Lower scores and a better handicap will result in your efforts.


Many Golfer spend months and years to practice and refine their golf swing. But often they are missing or slicing the ball and did not get the distance they want to achieve. You see, the simple golf swing is the basic and you have to master the basics first. Okay, you will now ask what can I do to get it right. Well, here are 3 Tips when it comes to improve your simple golf swing.


1. Your posture. You have to have the right posture. Stand perfectly straight with your back before you hit the ball. The left arm in the right position, that means extended and straight.

2. Here is a very useful tip for you: Make a video from yourself! Yes, this helps you to see where your weakness is. Try it, ask a friend to film you. This is pretty funny too. But it will help you to improve your golf swing quickly.

3. Another very logically tip is: Practice, practice,practice! Yes, this sounds boring but golf is all about practicing. You have to do your swing without thinking about your moves. Automate everything. So you will be able to improve your game extremely.


I hope this few tips can help you to master the simple golf swing. As a summary and in my experience you should practice as often as you can. Golf is a sport where you have to practice a lot to improve your swing and shoot lower scores. And your fitness will grow and in this case your concentration will be much better during a golf game. And this results in lower scores and better ranking for you.

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