How to Make Your Woman Orgasm Very Fast – This is an Absolute Must Know For All Men

Almost everyone can attest to the fact that making love is a very pleasurable moment. For a guy, it is not very hard to reach a climax but may be the opposite for the woman if the guy does not know how to pleasure her properly. The fact is most men climax long before their female partners even have a chance to have an orgasm.

If you a a guy who would love to pleasure your woman and give her mind blowing orgasms then continue reading as I reveal some of the tips you could already be using to make your woman go crazy in bed.

The first thing you must know is that women have two types of organisms; the vaginal orgasm and the clitoral organisms. The clitoral orgasm is reached by stimulating the clitoris while the vaginal organism is reached by stimulating the G-spot.

To make your woman have an orgasm fast, you can do so very easy without even taking off your pants. All you need to do is to kiss her gently while using your fingers to stimulate her clitoris. Move your fingers in circular motions while paying attention to her body movements. Whatever pleases her most will make her groan in excitement which is a signal that you should continue to touch her at that specific spot.

A second way to get your woman to reach an orgasm very fast is to insert your fingers and massage her G-spot sturdily yet gently. Th G-spot is located about 0.5- 1inch below the clitoral region. It can be identified as a soft and spongy area. Use you finger to stimulate it in a “come here motion” and that will get your woman very aroused and to a climax. It is important to note that you should kiss and caress her so that she will be in the mood and that will get her vagina lubricated otherwise it will cause her more pain than pleasure.

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