How to Make Your Woman Orgasm Really Fast – This Alone Will Transform Her Into Your Wildest Lover!

Wouldn’t you love to know how to make your woman orgasm really fast? If you’re anything like 90% of all men, you probably desire nothing more than to give her multiple orgasms each and every time. Now discover 3 utterly easy tips to turn her on and make her totally wild in bed. Use with caution: you can’t turn her off after this!

Tip #1 – Understand what she wants between the sheets! Sadly, most guys never quite figure out what their women want and exactly how to rev up their orgasmic engine. The trick is really simple. ASK HER. Get her into some spicy hot dialog and let her reveal what arouses her most. Better yet, observe her. See where she touches herself that turns her on. Then just do the same to her, stimulate her the same way. This alone will amp up her erotic enjoyment on bed, and blasting her into orgasmic delight later.

Tip #2 – Tease her! Tease and stimulate her clitoris. And this is important: tease another part of her body at the same time. She has plenty of erogenous areas that will easily work her up into an erotic frenzy. You see, stimulating her clitoris alone can get her aroused; it just takes longer. If you also caress another part of her that she loves – her breasts, lips, ears, even her toes – you will easily send her heightened anticipation through the roof. Try it!

Tip #3 – Keep your clothes on (what?): That’s right, keep yourself dressed leaving only her naked. For many women, this is a huge turn on and this trick works tremendously well in keeping her orgasmic engine high, especially when she feels the rough texture of your clothing brushing against her beautiful soft skin. Caution: in moments of anxiety, she may try to undress you. By resisting all her attempts to do so, you WILL easily bring her around in a hurry!

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