How to Make Gold in WoW

If you want to build a successful character in World of Warcraft, you need to learn how to make gold in WoW. All characters need to create gold to do well in the game, whether you are a casual player or hardcore raider. You will need to make fast gold so that you can afford your flying mount for one thing. There are tons of areas in the game that you can’t even get to without one, so you will be missing out on quests, faction and gear that others are getting. This by itself is an important reason to want to learn how to make gold in WoW.

If you want to be a PvP master, you have to be able to buy potions and other consumables to give you that edge, but who wants to spend hours farming when you could be owning the Arena or Wintergrasp? You really need to know how to make gold fast. If you don’t know the tricks, you could spend hours a day farming just to keep up. I have had raiding characters in the past who could barely cover the repair costs of nightly raids.

But that was before I learned how make gold in WoW. Fortunately, you can make fast gold in wow very easily, once you know a few gold secrets of World of Warcraft. Learning how to make gold in WoW is not hard  if you just know a few tricks but if you miss out on these strategies, you are missing out on thousands of easy gold that you could be making and you will always be struggling to improve your character.

An easy way to make gold in WoW is to learn two gathering professions. It is much easier to make fast gold using gathering professions than it is using crafting professions. You might be able to sell individual crafted items for more gold, but the secret to making easy gold in WoW is to sell items in bulk. Players will purchase items that you gather in bulk to level their own crafting professions.

Mining is the most profitable gathering profession right now and looks like it will still be after patch 3.1. Although it may change later. WoW is a dynamic game so you must constantly keep yourself informed about what will make gold. Once you have built up a good bank balance for you character, you can go ahead and level a crafting professions if you like, but gathering will always be a faster and easier way to make gold in WoW.

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