How to Make Garlic Flavored Oil

Garlic flavored oil is delicious in dressings and is also great to brush on meat and fish. It also can’t be beat as a dipping oil with fresh bread. Try the method below for making your own flavored oil, and you may find this becomes a staple in your kitchen.

Remember that the end result is only as good as the ingredients you use. Use a good extra virgin olive oil and fresh plump garlic cloves and you will have a superior flavored oil equal to the best garlic oil you can buy in a high end boutique.

Traditional Method:

The traditional method for creating flavored oil is simple. Oil is placed in a container, preferably a clear bottle, with the garlic cloves inserted. It is then sealed and allowed to sit out at room temperature anywhere from several hours to several weeks. Some prefer to leave bottles of oil on a sunny windowsill to accelerate the flavoring process. Once flavored, oils are best kept refrigerated to prevent botulism. Great care should be used when making infused oils

Safer Method:

Recipe for Garlic Flavored Oil

Heat 3 3/4 cups of extra virgin oil to a gentle simmer. Add 25 peeled large fresh garlic cloves and poach them for approximately 20-25 minutes until tender and translucent. Take off the heat and leave in pan until the oil is cooled.

Strain the garlic from the oil, reserving them for future use. Pour the oil into a clean decorative bottle and seal with a screw top or cork. Keep refrigerated. The FDA recommends you use within 10-14 days to avoid botulism.

Makes 3 cups of flavored oil. Halve this recipe is you do not use much oil in your cooking.

Protect Your Family’s Health

You can protect your family’s health and reduce the chance of food poisoning by following these rules:

Prepare garlic-in-oil fresh, and use it immediately.

If you decide to store it, make sure it goes into the refrigerator right away, and use it within a week to 10 days.

Never store garlic oil at room temperature.

Using Garlic Flavored Oil

Any recipe that uses garlic will be improved by substituting garlic oil for the garlic. The oil will add a depth of flavor to your dish as it disperses its flavor throughout a dish immediately. It also will maintain its fresh flavor throughout the cooking process.

Garlic oil is superb for the dipping of bread. Place oil in a small bow, sprinkle with salt and pepper if desired, add a touch of fresh basil and voila, a dipping oil fit for the gods.

If you make your own pizza sauce, you’ll add some great flavor by using garlic flavored oil.

Use garlic oil in homemade dressings and marinades for a great subtle garlic flavor.

I have found that people who don’t like the taste of garlic will wonder what you have done to a familiar dish to make it taste so good.

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