How to Make 200 Gold an Hour in World of Warcraft

As someone who has been playing World of Warcraft since it first came out, I have found many great ways of making gold within the game. Most of the methods of making WoW gold that work well depend on your class, your experience level and how much gold you have to begin with. Since the Burning Crusade expansion, there are now many ways of making more WoW gold than ever before. This is mainly because things will cost you more at levels 60+ so you need more gold to get by in the economy.

One of my new favorite methods of making WoW gold for all my alts is farming primal life in Zangarmarsh. There are other places within the Outlands to find primal life but the real “hot spot” is in Zangarmarsh. My favorite spot is The Dead Mire located on the right-hand side of your map (co-ordinates 79-42) but they can also be found around the Spawning Glen.

In The Dead Mire, I kill Withered Giants and Withered Bog Lords who drop motes of life, among many other things. Their average level is 60-62. If you are an herbalist, this is an especially profitable location because the bodies of the Withered Giants and Withered Bog Lords can be herbed. On most servers, these herbs will sell for a considerable amount in addition to the primal life.

It takes 10 motes of life to create 1 primal life. The mobs drop 1-2 motes a piece when they drop them. I find that they drop them about 80% of the time. Sometimes it seems you’re getting one on every mob and then you may not get one for a few kills but it typically averages out. Depending on your server and the economy and market on that particular day, the primals can sell for 18-30g a piece. If you have a character that can kill the mobs quickly, you can get at least 10 in an hour, on average. I’ve been known to get more on a good day.

In addition to the primal life, you get many other things from these mobs that can make you money. The trash alone from a full circle of the Dead Mire and selling the moss and other grey items can net you from 20-40g after repairs. I also get a decent amount of green items and the occasional blue per day of farming. This method works well because people are ALWAYS buying primal life from the Auction House as it is used in enchants, tailoring recipes and more. You are guaranteed to sell them; the question is only for how much.

Often this area has competition so if it seems over-farmed, I simply come back at another time. The two main reasons for the over-farming is that a.) there is a quest to kill these mobs so if you see lower levels killing them, they are most likely on the quest and b.) other people know that it is a great farming spot so if you see 70s there, they are likely doing the same thing you’re doing.

If you are an herbalist, it’s well worth it to go there anyway. If everyone else is killing everything, you can just herb them and make tons of cash without having to kill a thing. (Just remember your manners and be sure they are not going to herb their kill first.) If the competition is high, you may decide to come back another time or if it always seems crowded on your server, just got and take your place with the rest. The respawn rate is pretty decent and you can make a full circle around. If you see too many people on one end, just go to the other and start picking your way through the newly spawned mobs.

Some ways of increasing the amount of WoW gold you can make in less time are:

Always be sure your bags are as empty as possible when going to farm and stay until your bags are full

Sell all the grey trash loot for more gold

Fly (or ride) back to the local city and mail your primals, greens and blues and other loots to a bank alt/mule who can place them on the AH for you.

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