How to Learn to Play Guitar – The Choices

Some people put off trying to learn to play guitar because of commitments or the time isn’t right or some other excuse. For these people taking action is the most urgent need in their quest to learn to play guitar. So maybe in the interest of getting started with some kind of guitar lessons a little of what you might perceive as the need for quality should be sacrificed.

To start out as a guitar player, you don’t need the perfect guitar, just go down to your local Walmart or Guitar Center now and pick up a reasonable looking and sounding acoustic guitar to get you started on your guitar lessons. The acoustic guitar is a tiny bit harder to fret notes on but it’s much more easy on the finger tips of a learner guitar player.

Now you have got your first guitar, the serious work begins. If you want to impress your friends without actually becoming a guitar virtuoso you will need the tabs for some of your favorite songs, some chord charts and a half hour or so of quiet time to learn how to read guitar tab.

If you are going to be really serious about learning guitar and be prepared to maybe spend some more money on a better guitar in the near future and to spend an hour or two every day practicing and learning your material, you will need more knowledge. You will want to learn how chords are constructed and why scales are the way they are. You will also need to know where the notes are on the guitar fingerboard.

If you have the money, get yourself some lessons. A guy telling you where to put your fingers and how to hold the guitar can be a big help at the beginning when you learn to play guitar. Some guitarists find after ten years that they’ve been holding the guitar incorrectly and they have to go back and fix what they were doing wrong. When you find yourself in that kind of situation is when you wish you had taken lessons.

There will be times when you feel like giving up, when your body is complaining about using muscles it didn’t know it had. But if you keep practicing you will notice the rewards begin to replace the pain. Just be sure that you are practicing your picking and chord shapes the right away. If you are practicing the wrong way, then you could be wasting your precious time.

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