How to Jump Higher in Basketball – 2 Sure Fire Ways

Are you looking for a way to jump higher for basketball? Well then let me put a great big smile on your face because there are ways of accomplishing this goal. First of all you should know that there is no magic pill that you can take that will make you jump higher, there just is not anything like that yet. In order to jump higher you are going to need to work your ankle muscles because when you jump it is those muscles that are being used so it is important that they are strong so that they can give you the extra lift you need to do your layup or dunk. Either way, my point is, you need to do something in order to jump higher (I will tell you in the next paragraph), you cannot sit around and hope for hops.

Now for the 2 ways I promised you, here they are:

#1- You can do ankle push ups which are basically going on your  toes and coming back on your feet. These can be tough in the beginning but eventually you will be able to to 100-200 per day and it does not take long. I can do 200 within 10 minutes but I have been doing this for quite some time now. You will also notice that people who jump higher than you can do these easily!

#2- You can wear ankle weights around your leg (just a little bit higher than the ankle) and you will feel like you are carrying extra weight in the beginning but as time goes by, you will no longer feel the extra 2-5 pounds and the second you take them off (1-2 weeks later, not just 10 minutes) you will see some incredible improvements in your jump.

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