How to Increase Golf Swing Speed?

For any amateur golfer golf swing speed is a very elusive term. Most of us have heard of it and also know that it relates to attaining longer drives. How to increase the golf swing speed effectively and quickly is what one is looking out for. The momentum imparted to the ball is directly proportional to the speed at which your club face hits the ball. Ones golf swing techniques and the physical fitness determine the speed of the club head. One has to be flexible and fit to attain maximum golf swing speed. If one is flexible enough he would be able to maximize his back swing and let go with more potential energy.

The main drawback of most golfers is that they seldom give importance to the follow through in a golf swing. This is a very important aspect as the ball travels more distance as one hits the ball faster. If one prepares oneself for a full follow through one will be able to hit the ball at an optimum speed. If one does not make an earnest effort to follow through it is very much probable that before the ball is hit one would pull back unknowingly. Hence it is important to concentrate on where one wants the golf swing to end and not what one is trying to hit.

If one is using a heavier club the ball will go longer and with a lighter club the distance covered will be less compared to the heavier one. Some of the other variables that affect the distance the ball travels are the loft of the club and the type of the ball one is using. Training exercises and golf weight are the quickest and best ways to improve the swing speed. One has to realize that ones body would dictate ones golfing ability. Hence training to improve ones flexibility should be given adequate importance. A total of 22 muscles are involved in a forward golf swing. Conditioning these muscles would definitely help

Top professional golfers for improving their flexibility adopt rotational exercises. This mainly involves strengthening muscles and loosening the joints involved in the golf swing. Soon the difference in the power output and ones range of motion would be visible in the course. Gradually one needs to progress to rotational exercises related to more resistance with hand weights, medicine balls and weighted clubs. Improve ones strength, fitness and flexibility and it definitely will improve ones golf swing speed.

Jan 8th, 2017 | Posted in Golf
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