How to Give Her Mind Blowing Foreplay! Turn Her on in Ways She’s Always Craved

Foreplay is an absolutely vital part of the overall sexual experience. This is what really sets the stage for the main event. In other words, if you are giving your woman bad foreplay, she’s most likely not enjoying the sex as much as she should be. Here is how you can give her amazing foreplay. Read on.

How to Give Her Mind Blowing Foreplay! Turn Her on in Ways She’s Always Craved

1. Involve Her Mentally

A woman’s emotional state has direct influence on her ability to have strong orgasms. With that said, the beginning of foreplay should cater almost exclusively to this need.

Most men believe that the foreplay starts with kissing. This is not true.

The foreplay can actually start as early as when you two are having dinner. This is when you should cater to her mental state and prepare her for a fantastic night.

There are many ways to do this. What I recommend is establishing an emotional connection based on the fact that you GENUINELY want to get to know her at a deeper level. This will inspire some mentally stimulating conversation which will get her investing emotionally in you.

2. Her Entire Body

Now it’s time for the physical contact to begin. At this point you want to focus on her entire body. Don’t just go for the “money spots” (her lips, cleavage, and vagina). Cater to her entire body by kissing her passionately all over. The most sensual place you can kiss her at this stage is her neck just below her ears.

3. Oral Sex

This is the exclamation point. Without strong oral sex, you’re setting yourself up to be seen as a failure by her. I suggest you take the time to learn techniques which are proven to give her maximum stimulation and pleasure.

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