How to Give a Woman the Best Orgasms of Her Life Through Intercourse Alone

You can make a woman climax intensely and repeatedly through intercourse alone, without having to use your fingers or your tongue. Most women report that the most intense and satisfying orgasms are the ones that are induced by nothing but sex. The problem is, a lot of men aren’t able to make a woman climax that way. The good news for you is that if you learn to do it, you will easily be among the best she has ever had. Here is how to give a woman the best orgasms of her life through intercourse alone.

Start with plenty of foreplay! If she’s not extremely turned on by the time you enter her, it is going to take a ton of work for you to be able to get her to climax during intercourse. I generally don’t begin having sex with a woman until she is literally begging to have me inside her. This is best accomplished by making oral sex the centerpiece of your foreplay routine. Don’t do it to the point of orgasm, but get her very warmed up and very worked up.

Take your time during intercourse! It takes the average woman 15-20 minutes to climax, so you must be able to go the distance. Boost your stamina with daily kegel exercises, and train your body to withstand stimulation by never rushing through masturbation. Each “session” should take at least 30 minutes; if you get yourself off too quickly when masturbating, it will invariably carry over into the bedroom.

Make sure your penis is big enough to satisfy her! No matter how long you can last or how good your technique is, it is VERY difficult to satisfy a woman when your “equipment” is small. A small penis just cannot provide the necessary friction to the clitoris and it cannot fully stimulate the sensitive areas inside her from a lot of positions. If you have this problem, you can increase your size significantly using natural enlargement exercises. Study up on the myriad of them using unbiased sources and take action with the ones that suit you best. You will start seeing increased size within two weeks.

Mar 11th, 2017 | Posted in Sexuality
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