How to Get Hops – Learn Ways to Jump Higher Fast

When it comes to sports that involve jumping, all the athletes want to know how to get hops because the only way they are going to win and bring home the trophy is if they jump high enough. Basketball for example, if you can jump higher than the rest of the guys or girls, you can go and dunk on them. As for how it can be done, do not worry because i will tell you the 2 ways that can help you get hops and excel in whatever you are doing.

First all of all, before i get into the techniques, i would like to explain to you what makes you jump higher. It is your ankle muscles that contract and give you the boost you need to jump. Ever realized that when you jump without bending your knees, you do not even go 30 cm of the ground. It is simply because there was no contraction of the muscles. Now i do not want to bore you with all of this so lets get right to the ways you can get hops!

Do baby hops while you are sitting down or taking your bath. What you have to do is go up and push with your feet so that you can be on your toes and then come back. You will see that it is hard in the beginning but as time passes by, it will become much easier. Just do not do it in public because you look silly.

Strap ankle weights around your ankles and keep them on for a few weeks. When the time comes to take them off, you will see how high you jump. Best part is that they are not very expensive and anyone can buy them at a sports shop. And no they are not real weights, it is just clothing with small metal pellets. Very comfortable and does not bother you at all.

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