How to Flirt your way into Good Dating

When you gaze longer than normal, it can work wonders in trying to get someone’s attention. You should only gaze not more than 5 seconds each time along with a smile. It will show the man across the bar that you have a level of interest in him. If he has enough self-confidence, he will take your sign and come chat you up. If you are a guy, you can take the above as a sign that she is flirting with you!

The Mirror Effect, is one where one reacts to a certain manner by his or her partner. This is a flirting method that has to do with the body language. When you are interested in someone, you will tend to be leaning forward in your chair. On the contrary, when you are uninterested, you will be sitting back in your chair. Therefore, if you see someone leaning back while talking to you, don’t be desperate and sit/lean forward! You can use this method to show off signs of interest. When you are interested, try to sit forward and lean forward; as if your body is tuned to him/her and attentive.

A charming smile is and always has been a most effective way to flirt with a person you are interested in. When you smile, always maintain eye-contact so that the person know that you are showing signs of interest. It can help you break the ice in situations where both of you are shy. If the person has the same interest in you, he/she will come over and chat you up. Do bear in mind to smile naturally and observe. Take it from there to the next level!

Do you notice that people tend to lightly touch others on the arm or leg when they are trying to put emphasis on a certain point? It is often because there is some level of interest from a party. This is done without the individuals realizing it and is known as The Accidental Touch in the flirting context.. I often see this in women but guys do that too. There are some important pointers to bear in mind with this method of flirting and that is never disrespect the lady by touching excessively on the first dates. It is more of a nudge.

The foot play is a very direct and forward way of flirting. By all means, only do this if you have at least a slight idea that your partner is interested in you. It can also be seen as aggressive and upset those with an anti-foot fetish. Therefore flirt with utmost caution with this method!

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