How to Fix a Golf Slice – The Seven Reasons Why You Slice

How to fix a golf slice is one of the hardest things to accomplish in this game. I struggled with slicing the ball for years and I know you are struggling with it right now. The key to solving the slice is understanding the reason or reasons you slice. I want to help you once and for all eliminate your slice so lets take a look at the seven swing issues that causes you to slice.

1. The first reason why you, me and everyone seems to slice at one time or another is the wayword left hand. The left hand must be in the right position at impact to avoid slicing the ball.

2. Too weak of a grip is another cause of slicing the golf ball. A weak grip will potentially cause your hands to move at impact thus creating a slice. Isn’t it frustrating when you have a great tee shot only to step up and hit a terrible second shot that begins to ruin the hole. Sorry, had to ask that question because that was me and man did that make me mad. Ok lets get back to the checklist.

3. A steep swing plane. A swing that is on too step of a plane will cause a greater tendency to slice.

4. The terrible shoulder tilt, this often will go hand in hand with having too steep a swing. Your swing should coil which will keep your shoulders more level and will create power. Don’t you just love hitting that monster drive right down the fairway, so do I so keep those shoulders level and coil your body.

5. Over rotation of the club face. This will slice the ball if your club face is open at the point of impact and if you do this, welcome to what was my world. This was my primary problem when I was shanking the ball like it was my job.

6. Too flat of a golf swing, now I know what your saying, you just told me that having a steep swing will cause me to slice. That is correct and you need to flatten the swing but not so much that you worsen your slice.

7. Cupping your lead wrist. Cupping the lead wrist especially at the top of the backswing can and will cause you to slice the golf ball.

Jan 23rd, 2017 | Posted in Golf
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