How to Choose the Best Fuel For Your Lighter

Refillable lighters are a classy way to rebel against the disposable nature of the modern world. These are devices designed to last a lifetime or longer and which benefit from an intrinsic practicality in their design. To keep these devices functioning properly and to get the best results, one must purchase the correct fuel.

Butane comes in pressurized cans, usually with a universal adapter, tip to allow refueling. Some very high-end lighters will recommend using fuel that is double or triple refined. This is often denoted as “near zero impurity”. The claim is that the lack of impurities will keep the burner clean for a longer period. Whether this is actually the case or clever marketing is debatable. If your lighter seems to foul at the burner a great deal, you may wish to try one of these more expensive brands.

Butane lighters should only be refueled from a purpose-built dispenser and one should make certain their adapter correctly fits their lighter. Never attempt to improvise by using an incorrect adapter. Some manufacturers use specific adapters that may not match your particular model. Look for cans that come with a universal adapter to ensure that you can properly fill your lighter. Check to ensure the adapter is clean before refueling.

The “torch” type butane lighters, with the very hot, thin flame, sometimes require more refined fuel than other types. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Make certain you only use actual lighter fluid in a refillable lighter. Technically, the reservoir can hold anything liquid but this is far from safe. Lighter fluid has a specific level of combustibility that makes it safe to use in a hand-held device. Other fuels may combust much more rapidly, leading to injuries. They may also emit toxins into the air and seriously irritate the skin. Lighters should only be filled with approved lighter fluids.

Liquid lighter fluids come in different levels of quality. Some advertise that they have less taste than others and some are definitely in the “discount” range of products. Get a lighter fluid that is designed to minimize the taste it impairs to tobacco and one that advertises less odor. The higher-end fluids generally only cost a few cents more and, particularly if you’re a fan of expensive cigars or pipe tobaccos, you’ll enjoy the fact that it won’t take away from the flavor of your tobacco.

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