How to Buy a Used Beginner’s Guitar Without Getting Scammed

If you are searching for a beginner’s used guitar, then you will want one that is within your budget, sounds nice and will last for a long time without going out of tune are breaking on you.

The following are some basic tips to find your dream beginner guitar without being scammed…

1. Be sensible and start basic

The first time you go into a guitar shop, you may be tempted by the many different guitars. Furthermore, you may be persuaded to spend too much and break your wallet for a guitar that is far beyond what you will be able to play when learning the guitar.

You only need a simple guitar to get to grips with before being able to decide if you want to stay with it or not. This way you will not blow your wallet on a guitar that you cannot play.

2. Do some bargain hunting

When you are searching for a guitar, you will see offers for extremely discounted guitars at bottom of the barrel prices, many way under $99. These used guitars are not going to be much use to you as a beginner, as they will tear apart your fingers and will be difficult to learn and play. These guitars will also sound terrible. This is not to say that you can’t budget for a cheap guitar but staying above $149 is usually a good starting point. Finding a second hand guitar in a pawn shop or in your local classifieds can sometimes be an exception to the rule.

3. Get in on the action of the guitar

Guitar action simply describes how well the guitar plays. This is explained by how close the guitar strings are to the fret board without touching down on guitar strings. This allows for easier sounding on notes and generally a smoother, faster guitar that will feel like it can play itself!

High action will tear your fingers apart and be extremely frustrating to play, so it’s extremely critical to know that the standard action is 3.2mm for the sixth string, and 2.7mm for the first string. New guitars often come “factory preset” and can often be necessary for them to be set up so the action is lowered for easier playability, especially for beginners.

4. Types of manufacturers that should be considered

The best and often most reliable beginner guitars can differ, depending on if you want an electric guitar or acoustic guitar. The Stratocasters and Fenders are great beginner guitars. Takemine and Squier also have some great starter guitars for beginners.

The above steps should give you a quick starting point for finding the guitar of your dreams at a great price.

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